Tuesday, April 3, 2018

week 9 pt 2

welcome back friends,

I have started a Twitter account, to help grow my business. In my twitter page I follow people and companies in order to promote my business. For example, I use the key word "books", I found  Book Club and Penguin Book USA. Both Penguin Books USA and Book Club are great potential customers and good business collaborators. I also use the key word "publish", I found Open Book Publishers which seems great for cross promotion. In order to find more potential customers in my city, I used the key word Oceanside. I found BN Oceanside ad Oceanside Unified. Both are great leads to potential customers as well as great cross promotional.

I then send a few tweets to promote my business. I send out tweets at different times and days of the week and weekend. I did this in order to find out what time is my tweets so likely to be most effective. I found out the time to tweet for business is in the afternoon during the week. In doing so more customers will see my tweets.

I also created 2 list, one for customers the other is for businesses. Within each list I added 2 people, in doing so I become more organized and focused on a goal to a grow my business. Creating a list is a great way to get your business noticed by others.

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