Tuesday, May 22, 2018

week 17 final post

Good afternoon everyone,

Sadly, this is my last post for this semester. For this last post I would like to sum up everything I

learned from my  CSIT 155 class on Social Media for Business. I learned so much about social media

 as it applies to business. These lesson I learn from this class will be useful for any business to grow.

Therefore, I have a better understanding of how to use this knowledge to successfully develop a

business. On any social media outlet there are many tools to grow a business. For example, to track

how many viewers visit yours business website a tool will show you that data. However to use the

most popular social media platform is not easy since, that is  constantly changing. This shows a

business must adapt to any change on social media to be successful online.

With that being said, my viewpoint of social media changed. I understand more that social is a must

 for any business to grow off and online. For example,Google map is a great way to add directions to

 your locate of business. Social media is more then a outlet more and more often now social media

platforms are being used as business growth platforms.

However, I currently don't have any business I wish to promote. So, I didn't find any social media for

businesses, services and products that I would use right now. But, I'm sure that this knowledge will

benefit me in my future business advances. One thing I would be aware of is to successfully promote

 a business on a social medial platform takes time and  energy to find out what works best for the

 business person as well as the business. For example what time, what information, how often, and

what tools to check are some of the things to thinks about.

I enjoyed learning about social media for business, this class thought me a lot on that subject. I look

 forward to  learning more about computers and business in general. This lessons I learned from this

class I would carry with me though-out my life. In business one lesson is a must follow the money 

(people) and your business with grow, social media is prove of that. Therefore, word of mouth is still

 a great way to grow a business also.

Monday, May 14, 2018

Week 15

Good Afternoon everyone,

I'm back for another blog post, which I hope you might enjoy reading. Today, I will write about

Google analytics tools anyone can use to grow a business. For example, to grow my business I would

 use. First of all any and every analytics tool is great for every business especially mine which is a

small business. With that been said I would use every and any analytics tool available which, will

allow me to better understand my customers as far as their likes, dislikes, how well my visited, and

etc. But sadly time is a factor in which tool I use, sine their is only 24 hours in a day. As far the most

 beneficial which I would check on a daily bases, I have to say page views, engagement,

conversations, Goals,  and , Real-Time. I would start slow with tools so I don't overwhelm myself

with more information.
talk to you soon,
Jesus E. Origel