Sunday, February 25, 2018

week 5 pt.2

Hello friends,

Today, I will speak on  target market for a service or product. For instead I started a made up

company for my class, which is a book publishing company. My target market for that company is

everyone who love to read books or those who wish to get their writings published into a book. In

these next weeks I will start to promote my business, to better know and understand my target

market. For I know to know your target market is important for every successful company, to

promote the business well.

Well that's all for now


Jesus E. Origel

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Week 5 Post

Hello everyone,
Today I will try to identify any differences on  demographics and/or psychographics about two company's website. The websites I will analysis and identify are as followed: and
  • Fist thing that stands out is bot companies are very sincere  and welcoming to their customers
  • its obvious there target market is parents for both companies
  •  both target on a demographics level however,  just cheaper diapers seem more of a  kids friendly  rather than solely adult based such as econobum by their design of website
  •  both target on a psychographics level based a lifestyle of caring parents on a budget
  • both companies show a call to action of find a  comfortable fit for your baby.
  • although econobums also target those of interests in environment safety .
Hope these information helps you some how.

Sincerely ,
Jesus E. Origel

Monday, February 19, 2018

week 4 pt 2

Good afternoon ladies and gentle men,

Today I will talk about the website I often view and why. I will share with you how these website caught my attention and what they can improve on.
First, I often view  is:
  • Why are they effective?  Barnes & noble is a one of the largest book stores in America. This company caters to book readers of all ages, it is well known to students as well.
  • What specific principles of good design do they include and why? This site is easy on thee eyes to foll0ow around the page, with plenty of useful tabs to click to aid to in your search. Plus, this site has well done self-promoting thou images of their product.
  • What makes you come back again? Well I'm a book readers, I also enjoy gaining knowledge  thou all kinds of books. Plus, I love to keep informed on new or old book that I might want to view in person.
  • What could be improved? This site's home page is full with many images and information, more tabs might help to improve this home page. A new tab might be a improvement which list the importance of reading, and shows the fun of gaining knowledge  by reading books.
  • Why are they effective? This site is for members of the society of Leadership and success, which I'm a member of. This particular site is crated to me and my needs and wants within this society's  site.
  • What specific principles of good design do they include and why? This has the main information that the user needs, without clutter.
  • What makes you come back again?  I'm a new but also proud member of this society. I view this site on a daily basis to check my status, communication and information with the society.  
  • What could be improved? This site has very few images or information, by sides the basic. More images and Information might Improve this site.

Plus, I add my comments on a few of my classmates' blog. Their names are:    Brock_Stacy Caradonna_Maxim  Rodriguez_Marc Wendee_Paul

Jesus E. Origel

Thursday, February 15, 2018

week 4 pt 1

Good afternoon friends,
This week post is about websites I dislike, like, and why. First I went to

  •  identify at least three potential problems for visitors
  1. Their background image of two children ( a boy and a girl) are really close up and an image that many scare off customers.
  2. Too much color it might be over-whelming.
  3. Too much images that take away from the words (meaning of the site).
Then I went to
  1. The home page is plain not enough information.
  2. The home page's images are on a slide and, it moves too fast.
  3. There is not enough social image outlets so the customers can add feedback.
  • What could be improved on these websites and why would these improvements help
  • change the background image on the home back to not creep out the customers
  • spread out the images and color though out the website, to not lose the meaning of the website
  • add an area for games to entrain your target audience (kids) but don't forget the adults
  • add some entertainment for your target audience ( women) on the home page such as information, images, or  games to show the importance beauty treatment has on women.
  • change the images on slide show on, the home page spread them out through out the home page to better allow to the customer to embrace the images.
  • add an another social media outlet to better reach more customers or just add area for customers to leave feedback on the website. 
I then looked at to see what they did right on their website. 
They did a good job on their website by promoting their line of products and giving well informed information on them.
Their design, aesthetic, and branding impacted my reaction to their website by showing me a well professional website looks like. 
Finally,  I looked at, this is what I observed.
This website has many options for the customer to better be served.
Their design, aesthetic, and branding impacted my reaction by impressing me on the   how they show case they line of products and services they offer.

Sincerely,  Jesus  E. Origel 

Friday, February 9, 2018

week 3 part 2

Good afternoon everyone,
Welcome back friends, in this post I will share with all of you my top 5 business websites and the social media platform they are using.
  1. The business name: Chase Bank
  2. Their website url:

    1. 3.  The social media they are visibly using [links on their website]:

              4. All of their social media accounts are well used and used often
              5. Facebook last post: February 6  Instagram: February 5  Twitter: February 8
              YouTube: February 1    LinkedIn: February 7
              6.   As for chase, LinkedIn which is a professional social media site is second to be updated. Again, YouTube is last to be updated since, it don't work well for them. 

              1. Business name: Barnes and Noble
              2. Website url:
              3. Twitter@BNBuzz  Instagram/Pinterest/Youtube/Facebook: barnesandnoble  Snapchat: bnsnap Google+
              4. All of their social media accounts are well used and used often
              5. last post: Facebook: February 6
              Instagram: February 7
              Pinterest: February 5
              Google+ February 8
              6.  Facebook is first listed, but updated the last. However, Google+ is used often followed by Instagram.
              1. Business name AT&T
              2. Website url:
              4. All of their social media accounts are well used and used often
              5. last post: Facebook: February Twitter: February 8 Pinterest: February 6  LinkedIn: February 7
              6. I found out  Twitter works well for AT&T since, their twitter account is the first and recently used out of all their social media outlets. Also, AT&T using a wide range of social media outlets to better business.

              1. Business name:   Stater bros.
              2. Website url:
              4. Only Facebook and pinterest are in used
              5. last post: pinterest:  February 5       Facebook: February 8
              6. All in all, I found out, Stater bros. does not like to use their Twitter account, it does not work for them. But, Facebook seem to work well for them, since its used often.

              1. Business name: Men's wear house
              2. Website url:
              4. All of their social media accounts are well used and used often
              5. last post: Facebook: February 9    twitter: February 9   Instagram: February 9   YouTube: January: 20  Pinterest:  February 5   
              6. So, I found out that Men's Warehouse prefers to use Twitter since, their twitter account is the first and recently used out of all their social media outlets. On the other hand YouTube is their last used account since, YouTube is more for videos and is less for business. 

              To sum up here, I learned all social media outlets work well for business if the business updates them with posts. Giving some social media outlets work more well then others, businesses find that out by checking the demand of that social media platform in question.
              For example,  Twitter is a widely used social media outlet, giving it popularly. Also, many Businesses  use Twitter, it works well. Many Businesses found out to bring in more consumers you need to follow the money, meaning use the most used social media site. However, some businesses like Stater Bros. choose not to use their Twitter account, for whatever reason.

              You Tube is not well for business use, since few businesses update it. Other business don't even use You Tube, but giving it popularly maybe they should.

              Also, I commented on three classmates posts:

              Tuesday, February 6, 2018

              Week 3 part 1

              Good afternoon everyone,
              Have you ever experienced difficulty communicating with a business?  Many people have, including myself. Everyone handles that problem in different ways right or wrong, but now with social media at our deposal things are different.

              Does social media make it easier to get noticed or get your problem solved?  With Social media consumers can get noticed sooner, but the problem still needs attention via over the phone or in person for better results.

              Have you ever had a positive experience communicating with a business through social media?  Many people have, but I can't think of any experience communicating with a business through social media. I prefer to handle business matters over the phone or in person, since I find this method or professional. I can image how time-saving  communicating with a business through social media can be.

              If it was your own business on social media, how would you respond to positive or negative comments? I love being professional so I would welcome and thank the consumer for sharing their comment. Then I would agree or respectfully disagree and follow up with a reason why. Do my best to allow the consumer to feel comfortable to keep voicing they opinion again.

              Many people have had many negative or positive experience communicating with a business through social media, I can only image. Since I don't use social media for business communication, yet I can see the pros and cons of that. Communicating with a business via social media can be time-saving, efficient, and even less stressful. But a negative experience can lead to loss of consumers. Hope people can agree with me on this, or even share your experiences. Like always I welcome your feedback.

              Sincerely. Jesus E. Origel  

              Sunday, February 4, 2018

              Good afternoon friend,
              I just read three of my classmates' post regarding the use of social media. I also left a comment on their blog regarding this week post. The three classmates are Rodriguez_Marc,Wendee_Paul, and Caradonna_Maxim. They all have amazing opinions, I encourage you to view their blog. Well so long friends.

              Sincerely, Jesus E. Origel