Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Week 10 pt2

Good afternoon everyone,
Welcome back friends

To create categories for all your post is great for your business. By creating categories for your post you will help your business grow and stay focused and organized on your business goals.

For example I chose to create many categories for my business to remind me of the purpose and all the goals I have for my business. I also would spit all my viewers into categories by age, serious customers, business partners, potential clients,  and potential customers. Also I would create a category based on every special  day for my business anniversary, every goal my business reaches, and every business news.

By creating categories I'll be able to focus my attention more on my viewers whom are better for business. Whether then blogging just to blog, I will have a purpose to and share what information to post  in my blog.  Also remind me of special days for my business to share.

Thanks again,

Jesus E. Origel

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  1. That's awesome! it's always best to focus on your targeted audiences for more success. Bravo!