Sunday, March 25, 2018

Week 8 pt 2

Hello friends,
Today we will talk more about the use of visual social media for business. Based upon my research I found out many method that ways to grow my business, by using some method showed by similar businesses to mine.

First, I found out Barnes & Noble, which is a similar business to mine. Barnes & Nobles uses many forms of visual social media including Instagram. This business writes post very often. For example their last post was one day ago. They also have a total of 1392 posts, so posting often is a huge method to grow a business. As far as followers this company has 373 Thousand, with 817 following. On their post they receive many comments, showing an active audience.

Next Penguin books Publisher is a similar business to mine. This company has a total of 895 posts, proving more post more growth of business. Instagram is their one method of visual social media. They post often, for example last post was 1 day ago. Followers are 204 thousands, with 623 following. This business also receives many comments on they post, proving active relationship with they audience.Thus, this a important key to grow a business that I mast use.

Next, Amazon bookstore a similar business to  mine. They use Instagram as one form of visual social media, with 507 followers plus 43 total posts. They don't post often, last post was 6 days ago. Also they have 17 following, with 15 comments. This shows to grow a business post to grow a relation with your audience, not just many post.

Last, Books & books is a company similar to mine. they also use Instagram to grow their business. They have a total of 1871 posts, last post was 8 hours ago. They have 21 comments per post, meaning active usage is a must to grow a business. They have 67.2 thousand followers, with 1555 Following. Meaning a well established presence on your visual social media is a good business move.

That's all for this week


Jesus E. Origel

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