Sunday, March 25, 2018

Week 8 pt 2

Hello friends,
Today we will talk more about the use of visual social media for business. Based upon my research I found out many method that ways to grow my business, by using some method showed by similar businesses to mine.

First, I found out Barnes & Noble, which is a similar business to mine. Barnes & Nobles uses many forms of visual social media including Instagram. This business writes post very often. For example their last post was one day ago. They also have a total of 1392 posts, so posting often is a huge method to grow a business. As far as followers this company has 373 Thousand, with 817 following. On their post they receive many comments, showing an active audience.

Next Penguin books Publisher is a similar business to mine. This company has a total of 895 posts, proving more post more growth of business. Instagram is their one method of visual social media. They post often, for example last post was 1 day ago. Followers are 204 thousands, with 623 following. This business also receives many comments on they post, proving active relationship with they audience.Thus, this a important key to grow a business that I mast use.

Next, Amazon bookstore a similar business to  mine. They use Instagram as one form of visual social media, with 507 followers plus 43 total posts. They don't post often, last post was 6 days ago. Also they have 17 following, with 15 comments. This shows to grow a business post to grow a relation with your audience, not just many post.

Last, Books & books is a company similar to mine. they also use Instagram to grow their business. They have a total of 1871 posts, last post was 8 hours ago. They have 21 comments per post, meaning active usage is a must to grow a business. They have 67.2 thousand followers, with 1555 Following. Meaning a well established presence on your visual social media is a good business move.

That's all for this week


Jesus E. Origel

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Week 8 Post 1

Good afternoon friends,

I took a good look at the 8 most used social media platforms, I n order to see which one will be s good fit for my business. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube,  Google+,  Instagram, Tumbler, Pinterest, and Snap chat are the 8 most used social media sites. Therefore, all of these social media outlets are great to grow a business, However, I need the find the best fit social media platform for my business. I chose to start a Instagram account, to help grow my business.

My Instagram, account is link to my Facebook business  account. I added few  posts on my Instagram page, to better promote my business. I chose to use Instagram instead of other social media outlets because, of easy method for linking Instagram to my Face book page. Also Instagram is still popular among most Americans with 300 million users.

That's all for now

Jesus E. Origel

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

week 7 pt2

Hello friends,

This week I'm proud to share with all of my viewers a screen shot of my business page. This screen shot shows my Activity log of my company Origel Publishing Company. These activities a done will  engage my audience by showing them are appreciation that I have for all my viewers.  This screen shot also shows my passion for my company. Hopefully, this screenshot will allows more people to check out my business page further.

Well that's all for this week friends, talk to you soon!

Your friend,

Jesus E. Origel

Friday, March 9, 2018

Week 7

Good afternoon  friends,

Today, I will  talk about social media  such Facebook to grow a business.  For example I  started a Publishing Company for my class.  My business  is using Facebook in order to grow. Facebook is great to grow a business. For example,  Facebook has a like feature  that allows the user to follow a business by liking their photo  or post. For my business named Origel Publishing Company,

My list of companies that I  liked  follow all  3 categories which are, potential customers, news that my customers might be interested in, or letting my customers get to know me by the companies I follow.   Barnes and Noble, Amazon bookstore, Oceanside High School, and  miracosta college. I like Barnes and Noble  because  they are my inspire book readers who I can target as potential customers. The same goes for  Amazon bookstore also I can learn from their business strategy.  As for Oceanside High and miracosta college  I will target their students for potential customers and get ideas for  business strategies.  Also Oceanside High School and  Mira Costa College are my past and present school so I will  target more individuals who I can relate to on this.  Plus I believe local residents  of  Oceanside have a life story of inspiration or comedy to tell and I want to let them be heard by publishing writings into a book. I also follow Apple Company, Dell Computer Company, Microsoft Company, Penguin Bookshop, and National Society of Leadership and Success since they compose all 3 categories.  In addition I like many other companies I found interesting.

Well that's all for this week

Jesus E. Origel

Monday, March 5, 2018

Week 6

Good afternoon,

This week I will talk about tools on social media that will improve businesses
  • Post reach and post engagement are both tools that analyze how well your business is doing. Post reach and post engagement both measure your business based on post activity from customers. Well, post reach determines your business success on comments, likes, or just views of your post. Well, post engagement goes more in-depth on determining business on clicks on yours products or services. Post reach works well to gain a fan based like in a small business. On the hand post engagement works well for business success to built a relationship with your customers.

  • Understanding the difference between the post reach and post engagement is very important to grow your business in order to maximize your business success.  

  • Facebook insights are power tools to help you grow your business. Facebook insights also allow you to keep track of your business growth by data of customers visiting your business page. These data that Facebook insight shows you covers everything you need to know to better serve your customers.