Wednesday, April 18, 2018

week 12

Good afternoon,

Welcome back to another blog post. Today we will talk about other social media tool to help grow a business. For example, for my business I believe the following online marketing tools will help mine as well as any business grow:
  • Goggle+
  • LinkedIn
  • Goggle maps
  • Yelp
I chose these four additional tools, for their professional audience and attraction. I would integrate them into my current strategy, by inducting my customers into these tools slow on by on as my business grows in popularity. I do that since I would not see a need to overwhelm myself as well as my current customers will more ways to reach my business. I will start with Goggle+ since, anything Google in the name is well known and easy to locate. With a  Goggle account you already have access to tons of tools to grown a business.

Thanks again,

Jesus E. Origel

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Week 10 pt2

Good afternoon everyone,
Welcome back friends

To create categories for all your post is great for your business. By creating categories for your post you will help your business grow and stay focused and organized on your business goals.

For example I chose to create many categories for my business to remind me of the purpose and all the goals I have for my business. I also would spit all my viewers into categories by age, serious customers, business partners, potential clients,  and potential customers. Also I would create a category based on every special  day for my business anniversary, every goal my business reaches, and every business news.

By creating categories I'll be able to focus my attention more on my viewers whom are better for business. Whether then blogging just to blog, I will have a purpose to and share what information to post  in my blog.  Also remind me of special days for my business to share.

Thanks again,

Jesus E. Origel

Week 10 pt 1

Good afternoon everyone

Welcome back to another interesting  Blog post.

 Today, I will talk about why and how is Blogging a great tool for business. To blog for business it is very importance to add some human interest to your post in order to appeal to others, so you will reach a wider audience. By adding human interest you built a common relationship with your viewers. Also by adding human interest to  your blog  you allow your audience to get to know you on a personal level. Most important you learn from your customers and create business network opportunities.

Therefore, it always make sense to add a personal touch  to your post, because you will built trust with your viewers that is great for business. Also, by adding a personal touch to your post you will appeal to people's emotion even further in doing so you drive traffic to your business website. 

However, not every time you add a personal touch to your post you will receive a positon reaction towards your business. To add a person touch you need to be the owner  or key player within the business to position yourself as a expert that your viewers want and need to hear from. Even a key player within the business does not always have to add a personal touch to every post especially if the business is saturated with other key players doing the same.

Jesus E. Origel

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

week 9 pt 2

welcome back friends,

I have started a Twitter account, to help grow my business. In my twitter page I follow people and companies in order to promote my business. For example, I use the key word "books", I found  Book Club and Penguin Book USA. Both Penguin Books USA and Book Club are great potential customers and good business collaborators. I also use the key word "publish", I found Open Book Publishers which seems great for cross promotion. In order to find more potential customers in my city, I used the key word Oceanside. I found BN Oceanside ad Oceanside Unified. Both are great leads to potential customers as well as great cross promotional.

I then send a few tweets to promote my business. I send out tweets at different times and days of the week and weekend. I did this in order to find out what time is my tweets so likely to be most effective. I found out the time to tweet for business is in the afternoon during the week. In doing so more customers will see my tweets.

I also created 2 list, one for customers the other is for businesses. Within each list I added 2 people, in doing so I become more organized and focused on a goal to a grow my business. Creating a list is a great way to get your business noticed by others.