Wednesday, April 18, 2018

week 12

Good afternoon,

Welcome back to another blog post. Today we will talk about other social media tool to help grow a business. For example, for my business I believe the following online marketing tools will help mine as well as any business grow:
  • Goggle+
  • LinkedIn
  • Goggle maps
  • Yelp
I chose these four additional tools, for their professional audience and attraction. I would integrate them into my current strategy, by inducting my customers into these tools slow on by on as my business grows in popularity. I do that since I would not see a need to overwhelm myself as well as my current customers will more ways to reach my business. I will start with Goggle+ since, anything Google in the name is well known and easy to locate. With a  Goggle account you already have access to tons of tools to grown a business.

Thanks again,

Jesus E. Origel

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