Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Week 10 pt 1

Good afternoon everyone

Welcome back to another interesting  Blog post.

 Today, I will talk about why and how is Blogging a great tool for business. To blog for business it is very importance to add some human interest to your post in order to appeal to others, so you will reach a wider audience. By adding human interest you built a common relationship with your viewers. Also by adding human interest to  your blog  you allow your audience to get to know you on a personal level. Most important you learn from your customers and create business network opportunities.

Therefore, it always make sense to add a personal touch  to your post, because you will built trust with your viewers that is great for business. Also, by adding a personal touch to your post you will appeal to people's emotion even further in doing so you drive traffic to your business website. 

However, not every time you add a personal touch to your post you will receive a positon reaction towards your business. To add a person touch you need to be the owner  or key player within the business to position yourself as a expert that your viewers want and need to hear from. Even a key player within the business does not always have to add a personal touch to every post especially if the business is saturated with other key players doing the same.

Jesus E. Origel

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